Interpersonal Divide Favorably Reviewed in International Journal of Communication

The following is from the introduction and conclusion of the review by Min Wang (International Journal of Communication 12 [2018], Book Review 3776–3779 1932–8036/2018BKR0009)

Interpersonal Divide in the Age of the Machine … will likely appeal to students and scholars in a great variety of disciplines, including media studies, communication ethics, interpersonal communication, media literacy, psychology, sociology, data science, information technology, and science and technology studies.

In plain language and jargon-free prose, Bugeja fulfills his goal to address the impact of media and technology on human communities, universal principles, cultural values, and interpersonal relationships. His creative writing style makes Interpersonal Divide in the Age of the Machine accessible to multidisciplinary readers who wish to explore how media and technology, particularly big data and artificial intelligence, structure our lives. The critically-reviewed literature and abundant evidence support the viewpoints, arguments, and predictions in the book in an eloquent manner. The well-designed end-of-chapter exercises are directed interactively at students who can report the results of their exercises and experiments through discussion and debate, providing an outlet to inspire ideas, dialogue, and introspection.

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