Interpersonal Divide on Iowa State homepage

Professor Michael Bugeja with a tableful of stacked books.

See: State Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication professor Michael Bugeja knows a thing or two (or 10) about textbooks. After all, this acclaimed professor doesn’t just use them to teach — he’s also written a few himself. Even more impressive? The fact that his textbooks are so influential, they’re on many required reading lists at colleges throughout the country.

Bugeja’s “Interpersonal Divide” book series, including the most recent “Interpersonal Divide in the Age of the Machine,” has made him a thought leader in technology and its impact on the world. Since technology is a subject Iowa State is known for, it’s no surprise Bugeja fits right in here. Said Bugeja, “In as much as Iowa State University is an institution of science and technology where the first computer was invented, I am continuing a long line of similar research with my “Interpersonal Divide” books, chronicling how to understand technology and harness its power for the common good.”

While it’s true to say that Bugeja is proud of his authorship, there’s something else he’s just as proud of — his students. “My students have gone on to great careers in advertising, journalism, and public relations,”  Bugeja said, “and I relish in their success.” There’s no doubt the students he taught during their time at Iowa State relished in Bugeja’s support.

When you’re a professor at Iowa State, there’s one thing you realize right away. Students here don’t just want an adventure — they also want to make a difference in the world. Professors like Bugeja are doing everything in their power to help that come true. Said Bugeja, “I hope my teaching, service, and research helps students achieve that goal — and their dreams.”

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